The human face
of mobile money

Digital payment technology creates financial freedom.
We put the spotlight on the users.


As a leading provider of mobile money software, Telepin was helping telecommunications carriers around the world deliver digital payment solutions. To ensure its continued leadership position in its sector, Telepin wanted to reshape its image by building on its core strengths while looking to the future.


Mobile payment solutions are nothing short of revolutionary for many residents of developing nations and others who are unbanked. Telepin’s platform gives more than 250 million people a secure way to save money and pay for everyday goods and services. While Telepin’s technology is strong, the real story is how it changes lives.


We created a new brand identity for Telepin, delivered through a completely reimagined digital presence that focused on faces, not phones, and on the theme of financial freedom.


The Telepin wordmark was designed with reliability, connection, and agility in mind. Its solid typographic construction establishes the company as experts, instilling trust.

The shapes within the “T” converge intuitively, finding connection in the negative space. This bright spark within the point of convergence represents the financial freedom from which Telepin’s customers benefit.

Graphic Elements

The layout shape is constructed to mimic the shape of the crossbar in the logo’s “T.” It functions both to hold content and crop images, and the two shapes together create a path that symbolizes the flow in a transaction.

The shape is duplicated and scattered to show Telepin’s presence in any environment, and arranged in an ascending column to represent a transaction taking place.

Layout shape
Environmental pattern
Telepin transaction

Web Presence and Collateral

Telepin’s reimagined digital presence and other collateral are supported by galleries of distinctively human, documentary-style photography, custom iconography, and type, all optimized for the mobile interfaces on which most people will experience the brand.

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