A new brand, a content overhaul, and a showcase website—up and performing fast


We needed to turn dozens of disparate Donnelley Financial Solutions-branded web properties into a single, signature marketing communications facility reflecting the new DFIN brand. It was a large and complex project that could have taken a year or more to complete. We did it in four months.


DFIN customers face never-ending changes in financial markets, regulations, and compliance requirements, so we needed to enable high-frequency content iteration with built-in scalability and flexibility to move visitors across the early stages of the buyer’s journey.


We chose Drupal’s web content management platform and partnered with Acquia to deliver not just a website but a fully integrated, easy-to-manage content distribution ecosystem.


increase in unique page views in first two months


less bounce rate than industry average from organic search

Uniting content, UX, and brand

DFIN’s vast collection of digital content was spread across dozens of legacy web properties, including blogs, product microsites, and sales sites. We distilled and restructured it all to create a branded, customer-centric web experience that meets today’s buyers’ expectations—educating, informing, and guiding prospects with thought leadership marketing.

Custom pages on demand

We started by designing and developing a component library to support the quick deployment of modular product pages. It’s an approach that enables the development and delivery of new custom pages on demand, including the ability to reorder components using drag and drop. On the surface, the site is sleek, simple, and highly accessible, but underneath is a robust and sophisticated engine with built-in scalability and flexibility.

A platform for growth

We followed a minimum viable product strategy for both the design and development, launching first with a set of the highest priority product and solutions pages and expanding the content quickly from there. We partnered with Acquia to build in the performance, scalability, and functionality required as DFIN expands user experience to include customer journey mapping and personalization.

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