A fresh VIU

McMillan creates a consumer brand for
one of the world’s largest insurance brokerages.


Over the past few years, we’ve all learned some tough lessons about unknown risk. In the U.S. in particular, the pandemic revealed just how exposed individuals can be without a financial safety net. HUB International, a hugely successful and predominantly B2B insurance brokerage, decided to expand into the consumer market to help close this insurance gap.


Extensive market research indicated that consumers were confused and intimidated by the complexities of the insurance industry. What they needed wasn’t better coverage—it was expert guidance to find the right coverage for them. They needed a better way to navigate through all the available options, with neutral advice about what to choose.


Working with some of the most innovative digital consultants and developers in North America, HUB developed a digital platform that would guide consumers to the coverage that was exactly right for them. To come fully to life, we created a memorable name for the platform and a dynamic, modern brand that would immediately make it clear that the world was about to get a fresh perspective on insurance.

"What can I say…. THANK YOU! We have another amazing launch under our belts, and I am so grateful for your partnership on the journey."

Ellina Shinnick, CMO, HUB International

The Logo

We started with a naming exploration and proposed VIU, a strikingly simple twist on the word view, which reinforced that core idea of a fresh perspective on insurance... and we added "by HUB" to add the endorsement of the master brand. Like HUB, VIU’s three-letter construction communicates simplicity. With slightly retro letter forms and three playful colours, the logo captures the feeling of delight that was inherent to the brand.

Shapes and Colors

With a logo composed of simple shapes and primary colors, extending the visual design was a cinch. We used the brand shapes to create patterns and textures, and turned them into transparent frames that could be used in photography to visualize the protection having the right insurance gives you. The vivid color palette is purpose-built for accessibility and functionality within the platform. 


How can you make complex ideas seem intuitive and human? We developed a modern, colorful illustration style that was dynamic enough to be used in marketing material and within the platform itself.  


The library of bespoke icons are sleek and stripped-down, and feature details that reinforce the friendly nature of the brand: splashes of color, hearts, checkmarks, and smiles on all the faces (both human and animal).

Video Views on VIU

To capture the core ideas behind why HUB created VIU in the first place, we crafted this “Who we are” video for launch, with several shorter versions for social sharing.

And to provide a high-level overview of how delightful the VIU experience is for the consumer—and how dramatically different the experience is from any other service on the market—we followed up with this “How it works” video, again with cut-downed versions for social.

The VIU App

As the VIU app was being built, we collaborated with Bain, who had been hired to develop the platform. To ensure our view of VIU matched theirs, we delivered all the visual assets -- still and motion -- they needed to give users a seamless brand experience.

The Website

We worked closely with HUB’s long-time digital agency, RightPoint, to provide them with all the brand direction and assets to create a website that truly embodied the VIU brand.

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