Branding Cyber

Good people to think with
Published 2021

When you have a good idea, it pays to be bold. Opora Technologies, a leading provider of adversary behavior analytics and preemptive security solutions,  has partnered with McMillan (McM), a brand experience agency, to bring to life its unique approach to thwarting cyber-attacks.

Opora’s unique value proposition is its ability to profile adversary behavior by determining how attackers set up their infrastructure, identifying their preferred tools, and profiling their attack modality. By monitoring and profiling bad actors, Opora creates a unique Adversary Battlecard that delivers automated countermeasures to pre-empt and deter cyber attacks.

McM was initially hired to design and build Opora’s website, but as the teams dug deeper, it became clear that a new approach to articulating the brand would be a smarter investment.

Boldness and simplicity were the principles that informed the branding process. The design language sprang from a new logo based on the circular letterforms in Opora’s name. These circles influenced all the design elements, which then were combined with a confident, energetic color—orange—which further differentiates the company from others in the space.

“We asked McMillan to help us create a brand that would completely set us apart from the ‘typical’ cybersecurity firm,” said Chris Bell, Opora CEO. ”Our compelling value proposition needed a compelling brand to communicate it to our market, and that’s exactly what McMillan delivered.”

“For us, branding is not just about visual differentiation but also about storytelling,” remarks McM founder Gordon McMillan. “We were intrigued by Opora’s approach, focusing on the human being behind a cyber attack. When you can identify and classify their behavior, you know an attack is coming before it occurs. That gave us a great starting point for storytelling. “

Steve Mann, a venture coach and Opora consultant, led the Opora/McM team through an accelerated timeframe to get the brand work to market. “Developing a compelling brand with tangible financial returns is hard enough,” Mann commented, “but doing it in three short months was an impressive effort that I was proud to be a part of.”

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