Throwing out 5 more tips for a Thursday

Meaningful Brand Experiences
Published April, 2021

Here’s the penultimate contribution to my 25 tips for 25 years. Penultimate. Now isn’t that the coolest word ever?

Tip 16: Start each day with the Serenity Prayer “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Well, that pretty much sums things up.

Tip 17: It’s not just the “creative” that needs to be creative Within an agency, there is often this line between “the creatives” and everybody in strategy, digital development, client services, HR and admin. What a useless distinction. Any organization of any kind does better when creative problem-solving is applied in every business discipline. As we have adapted to a more flexible model for doing what we do, we have developed and are constantly refining creative pricing and process models that cut costs and accelerate project timelines. It’s survival of the “creative-est”. Give it a try.

Tip 18: Bring in experts where you don’t know squat When you truly know yourself, you know when and how you can really provide value to your client and where you should partner up. Small- and mid-sized services companies start to struggle when they try to expand beyond their area of expertise. In my experience, strategic partnerships with complementary organizations is a better path to great and profitable work. It’s all about focus.

Tip 19: Hire old people We hear a lot about hiring a diverse workforce, but the conversation tends to center on gender and race. In my experience, there’s another dimension to diversity and that is age. We have had huge success in putting younger talent with just a few years of experience into the same room as individuals with decades of experience. And I’m not just saying that because I’m approaching 60. Okay, maybe I am.

Tip 20: Sweat every detail. Congratulations. You’ve just won a new client. Expectations are high. The bucket of goodwill is overflowing. Sweating the details—making sure you are as intensely focused on spelling color without the “u” for your U.S. clients—is as critical to keeping that bucket full as is the big idea. So, pay attention!

Gordon McMillan, Founder and Chief Creative Officer

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