McMillan Acquires Crafted Stories to Deepen its Digital Storytelling Capabilities

Meaningful Brand Experiences
Published Fall 2018

McMillan is pleased to announce that it has acquired the top talent and intellectual property of Ottawa-based video company Crafted Stories. This is the second acquisition this year for McMillan, which acquired integrated experience design firm Fancy Boys in February.

“Crafted Stories was a good strategic fit,” explains Gordon McMillan, McMillan’s chief creative officer. “Our video team has been expanding rapidly as more and more of our clients turn to us for storytelling as a critical element in the marketing mix. And Graham Rapsey, founder of Crafted Stories, is a talented creative director who understands how compelling storytelling can impact the value of the work we deliver to clients. I’m confident Graham can help us continue to elevate our game across the full suite of creative we deliver, from brand systems to concept-driven ad campaigns to immersive event experiences.”

Graham is no stranger to the agency, having worked with McMillan previously as a designer, then creative director before striking out on his own. “I learned a lot at McMillan and have always admired the culture,” he says. “Now I have a chance to integrate what I’ve learned building my own creative company into a much larger team focused on global brands. It’s very exciting.”

Graham will act as creative director on several McMillan strategic accounts. His employees from Crafted Stories will join McMillan’s video team under the direction of award-winning videographer Jamie Muntean, who is pleased to welcome the new talent. Jamie notes, “I’d been looking for opportunities for several months to work with the team at Crafted Stories, so when Gord told me an acquisition was in the works, I realized this could really help us satisfy what seems to be an insatiable demand from our clients for video.”

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