McMillan Finds the Red Thread in GreenThread

Good people to think with
Published 2022

When Horizon Media, the largest independent media firm in the United States looked for opportunity to extend its B2C expertise into the B2B arena, it brought on seasoned marketing executive Chris Hummel to create GreenThread, a unique blend of agency, consultancy and institute. Mr. Hummel’s deep B2B enterprise marketing skills, honed over decades at companies like Oracle, SAP, Unify, Schneider Electric and United Rentals meant he was acutely aware of the silos within large B2B enterprises that knee-capped their potential.

To make the argument that GreenThread offered an effective solution, Mr. Hummel turned to McMillan to articulate the story and design system for the new entity.

In the words of Mr. Hummel: “McMillan has done ground-breaking work for me with ground-breaking assignments for three previous global enterprises. When starting GreenThread, I knew that I needed magic quickly—and that’s exactly what we got.”

See the work:
GreenThread case study

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