Time for a makeover

Good people to think with
Published 2020

One of the leading software providers to outpatient surgery centers has turned to McM as its branding agency in an effort to accelerate already robust revenue growth.

“Our software helps Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) across the U.S. manage all aspects of their surgical cases, from scheduling to workflows to supply chain management to electronic health records,” states COO Tara Vail. “What is happening with COVID-19 has pressed the whole industry to step back and look at how innovative software like ours can help these centers become more efficient and effective. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to help ASCs deliver better patient experiences.  And, the timing is perfect to work with a recognized branding leader like McM to help us raise our brand experience to the next level.”

The assignment will encompass refining how HST Pathways is positioned, a visual refresh of the brand and marketing campaigns. “We are excited to be working for a client that can leverage our strengths as a brand experience agency with our expertise in healthcare,” remarked Gordon McMillan, founder and Chief Creative Officer. “It doesn’t hurt that they clearly have a great product to sell. This is going to be fun.”

New brand. New site. Now live. www.hstpathways.com

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