Senior Developer

As a senior developer at McMillan, you’re renowned for a special talent: you can problem-solve or code the sh!t out of whatever you lay your hands on. That skill will be called on a lot, given that your role will be to lead development on major projects, provide advice and guidance to other developers, and act as a key advisor on all topics digital. And, while the position is open to teleworkers from across Canada, you’ll be associated with a leading-edge digital environment—the kind that will make your friends jealous.

Your responsibilities

  • Participate in planning for digital projects, including time estimates, implementation tactics, and code design
  • Providing digital guidance to art directors, creative directors, designers, and client service teammates
  • Gathering assets, dimensions, grids, spacing and fonts from Adobe XD or Figma
  • Building WordPress sites, HTML/CSS/JavaScript landing pages and microsites
  • Conduct performance, cross-browser compatibility and web accessibility testing
  • Provide ongoing maintenance for client websites
  • Apply design patterns, coding standards and best practices to produce secure, reliable, reusable and scalable code
  • Working with Microsoft Azure to deploy, debug, and update web apps

You bring

  • 7–10 years of experience as a developer
  • An ability to multitask without compromising meticulous attention to detail (you strive for pixel-perfect and responsive coding, abhor bugs in your code, ensure that all requirements are met on time, and generally set an example other developers can follow to improve their skillsets)
  • You’ve worked with content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress, and, while you’re not a fan of either, you know how to bend them to your will (you also understand that any CMS comes with compromises, and you know how to articulate those early in a project so that designers can work within known limitations).
  • Understanding of the web technologies, protocols and systems (i.e. HTTP, REST, APIs, JSON, CMSs, CRMs, Mobile Web etc.)
  • You breathe HTML/CSS; in fact, you prefer SCSS to CSS, and poorly structured SCSS is something to be squashed immediately.
  • You have a deep understanding of JavaScript and libraries such as Node.
  • You have extensive experience working with cloud providers such as Azure or AWS.
  • You’re comfortable working with Git (or a comparable platform for source and version control).
  • You are a security-conscience developer.
  • Experience in gathering assets, dimensions, grids, spacing, and fonts from Adobe XD or Figma

You’ll earn bonus points if:

  • You’ve architected large-scale projects.
  • You’ve worked with automation tools such as Gulp and know your way around Visual Studio.
  • Knowledge and development of APIs
  • One eye on the latest trends in web development

Experience working in a creative agency will be considered an asset.

Think you have what it takes?

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